Crush Of The Day Laura Vanderkam

This week I am highlighting books, podcasts, or thought leaders who have had a lasting impact on how I see the world.

I am starting with Laura Vanderkam. Her book 168 Hours You Have More Time Than You Think totally changed my perspective on time. As a mom with 5 kids and a husband and a dog, Before I read the book, I felt like life was rotating uncontrollably around me. After reading the book, I feel like I am orchestrating my life and I am no longer spinning.

Seeing paradigm shifts has always been exciting to me. I love the old lady/young woman perceptual illusion. Think about it, usually our own realities are not the way the majority of people think. Yup, it is true. Not everyone thinks like YOU.

What do you see, the old woman or the young woman? Can you switch to see the one you did not see at first? The picture is the same. It does not change as it is sitting here on the page. What changes is how you view it.

So, as I read 168 Hours I realized that time doesn’t change, but the way I think about it does. If you do not believe that you have plenty of time, do what Laura recommends, track your time. You can find her free Time Makeover Guide and Time Tracking Sheet here. Seriously, it is worth the effort to get a new perspective on your time. Laura has written several books, blogs, and gives talks, even a TED talk.

If you want to stop saying “I’m so busy”, click on a Laura Link to get a new perspective.


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