The Haunting Of Hill House and NaNoWriMo

A few weeks ago, 2 of our daughters joined us for a production of The Haunting Of Hill House. It was amazing to see the production being performed inside the Jame J Hill House. The book and the JJ Hill house are not at all related. And from what I hear, the new Netflix series The Haunting Of Hill House is based very, very loosely on the book.

I love this passage from early in the book by Shirley Jackson

She had never driven far alone before. The notion of dividing her lovely journey into miles and hours was silly; she saw it, driving her car with precision between the line on the road and the line of trees beside the road, as a passage of moments, each one new, carrying her along with them, taking her down a path of incredible novelty to a new place. The journey itself was her positive action, her destination vague, unimaginable, perhaps nonexistent. She meant to savor each turn of her traveling, loving the road and the trees and the houses and the small ugly towns, teasing herself with the notion that she might take it into her head to stop just anywhere and never leave again. She might pull her car to the side of the highway –although that was not allowed, she told herself; she would be punished if she really did–and leave it behind while she wandered off past the trees into the soft, welcoming country beyond. She might wander till she was exhausted, chasing butterflies or following a stream, and then come at nightfall to the hut of some poor woodcutter who would offer her shelter; she might make her home forever in East Barrington or Desmond or the incorporated village of Berk; she might never leave the road at all, but just hurry on and on until the wheels of the car were worn to nothing and she had come to the end of the world.

There are so many ways to expound on the events in this tiny excerpt from the book. Stephen King even found Shirley’s writing to be inspirational for his writing.

So, for all my NaNoWriMo buddies, take some encouragement and inspiration from Shirley Jackson and get back to work!

Day 3 4,905 words to date

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