Is Taunting Encouraging?

Recently my daughter and I became FitBit Friends. Here is our dashboard for this week. Notice the three bubbles after her name.


Last week she beat me by many, many steps. This week I have more:)

What I found interesting is the bubbles after her name. I can send one of three messages to her if I like.

The first one is the text bubble, which will let me send a text to Frances.

The middle on is the taunt bubble, which will let me send an emoji with its tongue sticking out.

The third one is the Cheer bubble, which will send a happy face.

I find this very interesting. It seems that the FitBit people are aware that different people are encouraged by different responses. I know that I would use different responses for different people in my family. And I would respond differently to the taunting bubble than the cheer bubble.

Today’s response is the Cheer button. Frances’ love language is words of encouragement, so the quick response for her today is Cheer!!

Oh, And I get a response too. Once I clicked on the Cheer bubble, I got a fun message letting me know I have cheered Frances.

Nice job FitBit, being aware that not everyone likes to be taunted:)


The picture is my husband and me on a hike near Phoenix. This was the first day of FitBit life.


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