Hearts Performing Arts Leadership Is Awesome!

On Saturday kid #5 performed at a recital. She is a student of Anna’s, from Hearts Performing Arts. Anna comes to our house once a week, and while I make dinner Anna leads kid #5 through a voice lesson. Even our dog Stella loves to sit outside the door and listen to the beautiful vocals flowing through the house.

And here is Anna…


So, I hear great vocal coming from the lesson room once a week. But, wow, the sounds at the recital were fantastic.

Even more impressive to me than the kids performing in such a professional manner, was how Kaity was leading the way throughout the recital. Who wouldn’t want this going on while they are performing…


Seriously, Kaity did this for every student. From the one’s who plunked out The Theme from Star Wars with one hand, to the ones who belted out songs like they had been performing professionally for years.

I can’t relate this post back to knitting very easily, but now that I am incorporating more of the “encouraging thoughts” parts in my posts, here we go.

When people share their gifts and talents, they bring out the best in others.  – Jo Burr


Thank you Kaity and Anna, for bringing out the best in the students you serve.

Totally unrequested promo here…If you would like to have a teacher from Hearts Performing Arts work with your kiddos, you can get more info here.



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