New Mittens

Once again, it is winter, it is -25 degrees air temp outside, and once again I am blessed to be inside my sisters fabulous cabin in the woods. Last year I was in the cabin with my sister and her dog Guinness. I like Guinness, but he ate my mitten. Read about it here. This year Guinness did not join us and I was able to complete a new pair of mittens without the drama of a dog stealing them.

The thumbs are another story, which I will expound upon in another post. I love knitting mittens, even though the thumbs are a challenge for me. If you look closely at the mittens you can see I used two totally different approaches to knitting the thumb. One is definitely more appealing than the other!

One of the things Minnesotan’s teach their children to do in the extreme cold is to blow bubbles and watch them crystallize then crack upon landing on the ground. They crack because they freeze so quickly. In the picture below you can find the bubbles I blew and they are just about to land. Oh, the things we do to convince ourselves it is more cool to live in Minnesota than Florida!

Anyway, while watching Dumpling and The Kings Speech I was able to knit a new pair of mittens. All that is left is to felt them a bit when I get home. And it was just this week that I was not able to find my mittens from last year. The one’s Guinness got.

Makes me wonder if I should have a little more patience with my kids when they loose things. Really, I cannot find last years mittens anywhere!

In other news I am ready for the Patty Lyons Knit Along starting on January 28th. It is still not too late if you want to knit along with my mom and me, click on the picture of Patty to get more info.

And, yes I did finish the felted slippers for my husband!

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