Finishing Fiber Trends Felt Clogs Fast

I am so excited to start my next project. It is not felt clogs. It is actually my first official KAL (knit a long). The pattern is the Labadee Cowl by Patty Lyons.

I think this must be Patty.

The pattern is not rated beginner, intermediate or advanced. It does start with an I-cord cast on and has 5 colors to work with. Luckily, the pattern also comes with videos and a group to join in Ravelry, my favorite fiber website.

My mom will be my KAL buddy. She ordered yarn for us…

Her colors are the teal-mauve yarns, mine are the blue-cream colors. And yes, those are her feet:) She ordered the yarn at a discount and prepackaged for the KAL from WEBS. They may have a few color ways left if you are looking to join in on the KAL.

As I am always look forward to the next project, I need to slow myself down to do a bit more knitting before the KAL begins with the first clue on January 28.

I MUST finish felted slippers for my husband. He is on his 3rd or 4th pair, I have lost count. He wears the slippers until the bottoms have broken apart and basically disappeared. Think of his feet walking around in slippers with tops and no bottoms, kind of like Fred Flintstone driving his car.

I have knit many many pairs of slippers from pattern AC-33 Felt Clogs from Fiber Trends, Inc. This pattern is well worth it. Once you take the time to learn all the nuances of the pattern, the slippers can be made quickly.

Tonight I made myself sit still and finish slipper #1…

Yes, this is a bit big. It will be felted with slipper #2 once that is complete. Soon, dear husband. Your slippers will be done soon:)


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