Podcast Crushing On #amwriting

My latest podcast discovery is #amwriting and I love it. Jess and KJ host this podcast to share all aspects of writing, the most important of which is part of the tag line, “…and keep your butt in the chair.” KJ and Jess inspire me to do just that. I even won NaNoWriMo in November by getting my butt in the chair everyday.

This week I decided to go back and listen to the #amwriting podcasts from the beginning. You can find them all here. In episode 11, I was struck by the idea of fitting a story into a structure. Not just a template, much more than that. At time 5:08 in the podcast KJ says, “If you dissect yourself down to the formula – then if you want to diverge from it- you can absolutely, you have that freedom.” The dissecting idea is great. And I love it as a data geek. And the freedom! Remember when you first rode your bike without training wheels? It’s like that!

KJ says once you have dissected something down to its main structure, you can rebuild something new based on that structure. She has dissected articles down to the word count for each part of a paragraph, and podcasts down to the second for the structure. Then you can build something all your own adding creativity to the structure. I LOVE this. As a new baby writer I am still getting my bearings.

As a seasoned knitter I totally understand this. I can edit most patterns to be what I want them to be and create something new. Something that never existed before. And that is fun. When I first started to knit I would follow a pattern to the letter. And even rip out rows of work just to “do it right.” Now if I want to embellish with an extra few stitches on each end of the rows of a scarf, or add a cable where there was none, I do it. I have the freedom because I understand the formula of the scarf.

Here is a sweater I constructed on my own. I saw a picture of this sweater and wanted one, but did not want to pay over $100 for the pattern and yarn. So I dove into my stash for yarn, printed out the picture as a guide, and cast on some stitches. And here is the sweater I created.

Thanks to the random visiting college friend who offered to be my model if I did not show her adorable face.

Well said Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience!

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