A Magical Knitting Book

Wow! This is such a fantastic book. It is truly magical. I am going to see if it is at my newly remodeled LYS, 3 Kittens Needle Arts, and if not I will be buying it from Amazon. You can get it here by clicking on the book below.

The book is created by two talented ladies who happen to be cousins. Alice Hoffman is a New York Times Best Selling author and Lisa Hoffman is a knitwear designer and instructor.

Toward the beginning of the book this quote is found.

“Knitting is a good practice for writers.” -Alice Hoffman

I heard Alice explain what this means on the Ready, Set, Knit podcast. You can find all the episodes of Ready, Set, Knit where ever you get your favorite podcasts. Alice said,

“It would be good for writers to learn what knitters know, which is nothing is perfect and everything homemade has mistakes. Also, there is a lot of unwinding and redoing. Part of the practice in knitting and writing is the process of making something. I feel like the whole idea of spinning straw into gold is so important for both knitting and for writing.”

OK, now go back and read that again. It makes my heart sing. And then I imagine knitting with Mrs. Hill’s golden knitting needles, which makes the image of “spinning straw into gold” even richer. The image above is a picture of two of her gold double pointed needles. Someday I want to knit something on them. I’m not sure how I will convince the people at the Minnesota Historical Society to let me touch them, but I can dream.

Alice Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman have just moved to my top 10 list of people I want to have lunch with some day. Wow! Such genius. To love writing and knitting and to combine them so beautifully. Listen to how one of the stories starts…”She was the youngest daughter and no one noticed her. She was not beautiful, but she was quiet and kind.” And then to combine this story with a beautiful pattern, oh sometimes I wish I never had to sleep!

New Topic:

I am in the process of writing a book about encouragement. Join my journey and get sneak peeks into the book in real time as the book is developed. Click here to get added to the list.  And thank you!



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