Delightful Knitting Magazine

As the fog is coming in, so is fall, I am feeling the need to load up my needles with some yummy yarn. And here is where I am getting some new ideas.

I found the Filati magazine with the help of the  WEBS Ready Set Knit podcast from September 1st. At the time of this post, they have not updated the web page to include this podcast, but it is available in iTunes. The focus is on their relationship with Lana Grossa. A yarn, and so much more company in Munich, Germany.

The company that makes Lana Grossa yarns has the most delicious website and magazine. The magazine is the oldest knitting magazine in Europe, and puts out over 1,000 designs annually.

That is all I can say. Anything else would not do it justice. And I have some browsing to do.

Go, go now and see for your self. Lana Grossa.

And to buy in the US, check out WEBS website too. The link will take you straight to the Lana Grossa section. You are welcome!

Join over 500 people who have downloaded my Sophisticated Scarf Pattern from Ravelry. Mine is made from a cashmere/merino blend. And I am sure I will need it soon!


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