Ribbons at the Minnesota State Fair 2018

Today is an exciting blog post for me to write. Two people I know entered items into the Creative Arts section of the fair and da da da dat dat daaaaa, they both won ribbons!

My mom won her first ribbon at the fair with her beautiful Norwegian sweater! We both noticed an issue with the sweater placement on the headless manikin. If anyone who has a key to the display case at the Over 65 entries is reading this, and you could shift the sweater to properly rest upon the chest area evenly, that would be great!


And my neighbor Jess won a 3rd place ribbon with these circus animals. You can take a look at all her fantastical pieces of work at her website Overly Heartfelt.

Overy Heartfelt Jessica Huang

For me, encouraging others to be brave and try something new is just as much fun as putting my own item into the fair. My happy energy is coming from their success. Because, here is how Flora the elephant looks today. Not happy!


If you are thinking she is not much different than the last time I posted you are right. The night before the items were due for drop off at the fair, I knew I had a long way to go to tidy Flora up. When it was 10:00pm and I just finished giving her the most beautiful dark brown eyes, I realized I put the eyes where the ears are supposed to be attached! Since Flora is not any where near the “Mr. Potato Head” category, I folded. She will be perfect before next year’s due date. Please note the beautiful blocking job I did with the jumper.

Here is another angle.

Beautifully Blocked jumper for Flora.

Side note: The blocking job was done under an old fashioned hair dryer I bought at a local thrift store. The light even heat is a great way to speed up the drying process. Check this vintage retro baby out…

…and the how, why, and really you bought that?, will be addressed in a different blog post. But, since I use this blog to pass along new insights, here it is. A new way to enhance your blocking repertoire. END SIDE NOTE

My family will be visiting the Minnesota State Fair this year, and I am excited to see the items and the ribbons in person.

Exciting Side note #2


I am writing a book on encouragement, both giving and receiving it. Please join my journey HERE to learn more about making encouragement more effective.

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