Last Chance For The Minnesota State Fair Creative Arts 2018

I just received this email in my box this morning.

Minnesota State Fair
Peppy happy message letting us all know we are about to miss it, and don’t let be you!

Follow this link if you truly want to Get Registered!

And this message reminded me that entering Flora the elephant in pieces is probably not going to earn a ribbon.

Here is Flora on Friday morning. Along with the breakfast my sweet husband made for the still sleeping kid #5.


Here she is after a long car ride to an appointment this afternoon. In case you miss the changes, notice that the 2nd arm is complete, as is the tail.  The tail is small and easy to find, the needles are all pointing to it.

I would have knit more in the car, but when you do not properly load the knitting bag with the right needles, things just can’t happen! This is almost as frustrating as when you leave home without checking to be sure there are clean diapers in the diaper bag!


Here is the prototype.

Two colored arms for Flora, the prototype. And yes, that is snow. And yes it is April 20, 2018! Perhaps today more will melt?

And here is the goal.

Minnesota State Fair 2018

Time to get to work!

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