3 Steps To Have Your Creative Arts Entry Ready For The Minnesota State Fair 2018

It’s time people! On Monday (May 7) the on-line registration opens for Creative Arts fair entries. Are you ready?

My happy smile in front of my sweater in the Creative Arts display case 2017.

It’s time to get started on your item for the 2018 Minnesota State Fair. These steps will give you some guidance.

Know your dates

  • The dates for the Minnesota State Fair 2018 are August 23-September 3.  No need to be present to win a ribbon, but very fun to see your item behind the display.
  • The dates for registering your items are May 7 – August 7, 2018. You MUST register your item by August 7th, 4:30pm, to be specific. This can be done online.
  • The dates for dropping off your needle craft item at the fairground are August 11-13, 2018. You do need to be present for this one. Details and a drop off map can be found here.  And you get a sneak peak at the preparations for the fair. 

  • The dates for picking up your item are September 5-6, 2018. You need to be present for this one too.

Follow the rules

  • Main page for Creative Arts can be found here. This is the gateway to all things creative arts.
  • Creative Activities Premium Workbook is very comprehensive. This is a dense document so have a bit of time to wander through it. I have found using the ctrl/f shortcut keys to search is very helpful.
  • The categories are VERY specific. Remember you will need to label your FO (finished object) with a specific category from the Premium Workbook on the registration form.
  • i.e. my elephant is under the handcraft category not the needle craft category I first assumed.

Enjoy the process!

Look through the Premium Workbook to find the category you will enter.

Find a pattern.

Then get to work.

Minnesota State Fair 2018









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