Flora’s Prototype Has Arrived

I have finished my first elephant! When I started looking for a pattern for this yarn, I found Little Cotton Rabbits. The website was started by a woman who knits and shares her story of being a mom with an autistic son. Because this 14 page pattern looked a bit daunting I did not want to use my special yarn from France on the first try. The pattern is fantastically well written and includes a lot of pictures, but still, 14 pages!

Here is the yarn my daughter brought for me from her holiday in France over Christmas break 2017. The yarn brand is Anna and Clara, their story can be read here.


So I used some scraps to create an elephant prototype. Here she is…


My favorite elephant family is lead by Babar and Celeste.  I LOVE the Babar Books, by Jean De Brunhoff, Laurent is his son. They are wonderful books. Babar and Celeste have 3 children, Pom, Flora, and Alexander. As a child I always wondered why Alexander received a rather usual name, and Pom and Flora received more creative names. (Although maybe Pom is a popular name in France?)

I learned a lot from making Flora, the Prototype.

  • I need to use yarn with the same gauge. As you can see…the dress and feet are way too big compared to her body. Poor thing has very nice legs, and HUGE feet!

    Skinny Legs, Big Feet
  • I need to be sure to have enough yarn. Note, poor Flora, the prototype has two different colored arms. Yup, I ran out of the grey.

    Two colored arms for Flora, the prototype. And yes, that is snow. And yes it is April 20, 2018! Perhaps today more will melt?
  • My mattress stitch has improved greatly! You can see this in the picture below, note the seams up the back of the legs.

    Mattress Stitch
  • I need to get some black yarn for the eyes. Flora, the prototype has green eyes.

    Green eyed elephant

This pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits is awesome. It can be purchased here. There are patterns for rabbits, foxes, hedgehogs and cupcakes, as well.

Here are a few more pictures of the development of Flora, the Prototype.

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