A Book About Octopus and a Yarn Shop

The Soul of an Octopus

OK, well the book is actually all about octopus. But the yarn reference was there. I saw it in the chapter about Kali.

The book is the Soul of an Octopus, A surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness, by Sy Montgomery.  A personal story of exploration into the life of octopus.

Sy spent a lot of time with a variety of octopus at the New England Aquarium. She met many wonderful people on her frequent visits to the aquarium, more specifically at the tanks with octopus in them.

One of her newly met friends was Marion Britt, an anaconda trainer. For those of you who need a review of what an anaconda is, here you go.


Click on the picture to go to the New England Aquarium website and watch the video of them releasing the anaconda back into its habitat after an exam. Then imagine you are Marion, swimming with the anaconda, if you wish. I started to imagine, and then … yeah… that was too much reptile overload for me!

As frightening as this picture may appear at first. Take a look at the scale pattern on the right side of the picture above. It is really interesting. Kind of like a pattern made by rows of knitting.

So, back to Marion. While Sy is describing how Marion creates “spot maps” so the keepers can tell the baby anacondas apart, she also gives her accolades for starting a new exotic yarn business. That was the sentence that made my antenna go up. Yarn was mentioned in a book about the study of octopus. Love it!

I looked into Miriam’s yarn store on Etsy, Purple Okapi Studios. It has been closed since 2015, the same year the book was published. But it looks like it was very successful and there are still some Purple Okapi boards on Pinterest.

I love being part of a community of yarn lovers that does cool things like train anacondas!


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