The Dog Ate My Mitten!


Meet Guinness, my sister’s dog, the dog who “only chews on his pink sparkly kitty.”  Yes, that is what I was told. I was told that leaving my knitting on the couch was OK. I should have known better. We still laugh when kid #5 retells the story of how Guinness ate an entire apple pie, fresh from the apple orchard, while his family was out buying ice cream to go with it. Guinness joined my sister, my daughter and myself for a weekend at her cabin.

I trusted my sister, I trusted that Guinness had lost his taste for anything he can get into his mouth.

Never again! I will be protecting my knitting from all dogs from now on. Then I will not need to worry about reliving the scene from last week. It really is a fine line, to respect the trust an owner has in their dog vs. trusting your gut knowing that no dog can be trusted around wool.

The night before the disaster, I went to bed wondering how I was going to fix the horribly executed Kitchener stitch at the top of my mitten(see below). I decided I would have to cut the mitten, restitch the top part of the mitten and then slowly and thoughtfully execute the miraculous Kitchener stitch.

So, when I went to bed, I left my knitting on the couch.  When I walked into the living room the next morning, my sister was holding my mitten.  See hole below, and the rest of the skein was narly and saliva soaked and ewww! Her face was saying, “I’m so sorry.”


The focus is on the hole 2 inches from the right. Do not mistake the horrible Kitchener stitch at the top (right side) of the mitten for the hole.

The good news is that the hole was near the top of the mitten. Here is the hole from another viewpoint.



So, after holding my tongue, and not saying, “I knew Guinness could not be trusted,” we let the mitten dry and accessed the damage. The great thing was the hole was so close to the bad stitching.

So for the first time ever, perhaps in preparation for using steeks in a project someday, I cut my knitting! Yes I did it, then cleaned up the edge. Next I attached a new skein to the tail I created using the spit method.  (Spit method:  fray the two ends of yarn, spit on them in the palm of your hand, and then roll the two ends into one. This works great with natural fibers, not at all with acrylic.)


This gave me a fresh start. No hole from a dog. No really bad Kitchener stitch.


Ta Daa! Mitten complete!

Mitten Pattern:  Free downloand from Ravelry  Blue Monday Created by Thea Coleman for Spud and Chloe

Yarn:  Lamb’s Pride  and Noro

Both have been available at one of my favorite LYS’s 3 Kittens Needle Arts. Also available online, if you do not have a LYS, at WEBS.

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