A Hiaku for HiKoo


A knitting contest

So excited to enter

Winner will I be?

Last week HiKoo yarns held a Haiku for HiKoo contest. First, a shout out to my LYS, 3 Kittens Needle Arts for posting the contest on Facebook. I noticed the announcement on December 14, 2107. HiKoo is one of my favorite brands of yarn.

The deadline for entering the haiku contest was December 15 at midnight. I knew it was worth a try. And the prize is $500.00 worth of HiKoo yarn! Oh, the things I could knit:)

Most knitting contests are a much longer process from conception to submission. Selecting a pattern, selecting the yarn, sitting down to create, blocking, taking a picture and submitting the FO are all involved. And thus, not conducive to hearing about a contest a day before the submission deadline and making a go of it.

So, I had to refresh myself on the format of the haiku, the last one I wrote was probably in 5th grade. The format is simple, 3 lines of prose. The first line is 5 syllables, the second line is 7 syllables, and the 3rd line is 5 syllables. I compiled words that evoked emotion, words that connected yarn with happiness and contentment. And of course worked HiKoo (the yarn brand) into the poem.

One good thing about this contest is that the winner will be announced December 29th of 2017. Sometimes the winner is announced so far away from the entry deadline that the excitement is lost. In the immediate response world we live in, I am grateful for the quick turn around on this one.

And on December 29th I will share my haiku about HiKoo with you…and no it doesn’t rhyme!

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