The Knit Show #101

The Knit Show with Vickie Howell

I have been waiting for months for The Knit Show to be available on YouTube.

I first encountered the host, Vickie Howell at Vogue Knitting Live Minneapolis last November. She had a headband project and I joined her and some other knitters to knit the fun headband you see below.

The yarn is a Valley Yarn exclusively from Webs, America’s Yarn Store.Image result for vickie howell headband vogue knitting live minneapolis

I made so many connections at Vogue Knitting Live Minneapolis last year. After meeting Vickie Howell and creating the headband, I decided to buy yarn to make more headbands. So, I went straight to the Webs booth to buy some superwash superbulky Valley yarn. And who was working the cash register?…I will tell you, Steve Elkins. Steve and his wife Kathy are co-owners of Webs. I did not recognize Steve at the register until he started talking. I have been listening to the podcast Ready, Set, Knit for years. And I knew Steve was Steve as soon as he started talking with customers.

How does all this relate to The Knit Show?

I first heard about The Knit Show from the Ready, Set Knit podcast in April when Vickie was a Guest on the show. The Knit Show sounded so amazing that I went straight to their Kickstarter page and made a donation. The bag above is a “thank you” from The Knit Show.

And now for my notes from the first episode. (As much as I would like to binge watch, I still need to go grocery shopping, and I don’t have a good excuse for not making dinner tonight! I think binge watching The Knit Show is a great way to spend a day, but not everyone at my house would agree.)

After watching the segment from PomPom Quarterly about socks and short rows I decided two things. I need to make a pair of socks. My fingers are so bored now that my Terrace Wrap is finished. And also I need to knit them with a magic loop, which I have never tried.

My favorite segment of the show was the interview and shawl demo with Kathy Elkins! I have heard Kathy’s voice for about 4 years, once a week, through my ear buds at work. I have a report that is particularly repetitive that I create every Wednesday morning. So, every Wednesday I listen to Ready, Set, Knit while I create the report. I was surprised that I took a few minutes to connect the Kathy on the screen with the Kathy voice in my head. Since I have only “met” Kathy through my ear buds, it was great to see her face, and make a connection between her voice and her body. Someday I hope to meet her at the Webs store. And I will be able to recognize her before she even starts to talk!

And now I am off to the Yarnery to investigate the Magic Loop and get some sock yarn.


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