The Knit Show #101 Follow Up

I was so inspired by the first episode of The Knit Show that I printed out the Pom Pom Picot Sock pattern and went straight to one of my favorite LYS’s, The Yarnery.

I spent a long time looking at all the fun and lovely sock yarn. Baltic Sea from Lorna’s Laces  (see square D4) won. It is an 80/20 Superwash Merino wool/Nylon blend. The nylon is supposed to help with the stretch that socks need to get over your heel and then hug your foot.

OK, so let’s go straight to the ending of this story. I tried to do Judy’s Magic Cast On about 20 times. Staci, from Very Pink Knits has a great demo video. I finally got it to work and it is beautiful! A totally seamless toe.

Judy’s Magic Cast on…keep reading to see why the sock is mostly ripped out:)

I added to my challenge by using the Magic Loop method to knit two socks at the same time. As an efficiency expert this makes great sense to me. However, after knitting about two inches up from the toe of the socks, I dropped the Magic Loop like a hot potato and went to double point needles. And that is the end of my Magic Loop interests.

So, as I continued to knit sock #1, I decided that I don’t like knitting socks. I decided this would be my last pair of socks, ever.

Then as I continued to knit the last sock I will ever knit, I decided that I don’t have to finish the sock. I don’t ever have to knit another sock again. Just like I give myself permission to stop reading a book before I get to the end, I now have given myself permission to stop knitting socks before I get to the end.

This is sock #1 right before the ripping began…

The end of sock #1

This story does have a happy ending. The sock has been ripped out and is now the beginning of a cute baby hat. I will finish the hat. And then that will be the end of sock yarn for me!

The yarn even looks happier knowing it will live on a baby’s head instead of a grown up’s foot!

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