Terrace Wrap from Purl Soho

Oh, the games I will play to keep myself motivated to complete a project! My Terrace Wrap from Purl Soho is about 3/4 of the way complete. I want to wear it in New York in a few weeks. That would mean I need to finish it and block it before I get on the plane!

I am madly knitting, back and forth, back and forth. Progress does not seem to be happening quickly. So, I decide to play a measuring game. Instead of getting out my measuring tape, I get out my new scale.

While at the State Fair admiring my sweater with a ribbon on it, see my post about that adventure here. We also were taken in by the Vita mix guy. After watching his fascinating and tasty presentation, yup, we bought one. So far I have mastered ice cream. Oh, so tasty! I am still working on soups. But since we find ourselves at the end of September with high humidity and temps near 100, I’m not in much of a soup mood.

The bonus to buying the Vita mix at the Minnesota State Fair is that it comes with a scale. A very precise scale. The idea is that you place the blender pitcher on the scale, use an app connected to the scale with Bluetooth and add ingredients as shown on the app screen. “You don’t even need a measuring cup anymore”, said the presenter. Although this sounds intriguing, having a way to measure my yarn is even more exciting!

Back to the scarf that I keep knitting without adding much length. Here is the game I made up…I decided I would weigh the ball of yarn at the end of each row. The pattern is a 2 row repeat. That means I knit a pattern on one row. And then purl the entire length of the next row. Then I repeat these two rows until my scarf is the desired length. So far I have knit approximately 432 rows.

  1. My question to be answered by the scale is…does the pattern row take more yarn than the purl row?

Here is what happened

img_4344Starting weight

img_4345weight after knitting a purl row…So, this brings up a new question…is 2.750 different than 2.75?

img_4346weight after knitting a pattern row

img_4347weight after knitting a purl row (2.710)

And then I got bored with this, so my conclusion with this very small sample is that each row takes .02 ounces of yarn.

So 2.710 / .02 = 135.5 more rows to go.

OK, back to work…

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